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Guinn Covert Ventures invests in drones and autonomous systems and supporting technologies consistent with our vision of autonomous robots enabling faster and better decision making and increasing safety across multiple commercial markets. We mentor these investments with sales, marketing, product development, and partnership expertise to help them achieve product market fit and growth potential.
Right now, those not familiar with the drone space think that drones are the province of (1) the military, (2) hobbyists, and (3) photographers. While there are more used for commercial purposes than ever before – in construction, mining, agriculture, and on industrial sites – they are not yet ubiquitous.
Five years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to find a drone doing commercial work on a construction site, mine, farm, port, or train yard.  Today, approximately 5-10% of all those same sites are relying on the insights that come from drone data.  Simply ask any decision maker, and they’ll confirm it’s only a matter of time until every site has a drone collecting data on a weekly or even daily basis.  We are at the inflection point today, and will be seeing exponential growth over the next 5-10 years.

The Future

Is Global

Drone technology is going to transform society – it is not a fad. Drones are going to be disruptive in a good way, that disruption will be profound, and this future is inevitable.

Full autonomy is the next wave of innovation in the drone market for commercial purposes because it offers significant benefits in capability, consistency, and cost in collecting vital data versus human collection or manually controlled drone use

We're Placing a Bet

Autonomous data collection

With an exponential increase in autonomously collected data, the importance of software to enable visualization of that data, provide context, and enable searching will increase for these same commercial entities.

In the next five years, we will increasingly see Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waivers and regulations enable autonomous drone and data visualization market growth as well as significant growth in supporting technologies associated with fleet management, airspace management (UTM), longer flight times, and more reliable and longer range communications, for example.

Our Homebase

Austin, TX

We’re rooted in Austin, TX by more than just location. We’re building our firm and strategy from a base of successful entrepreneurs, family-offices, and companies in the heart of the American South, who understand agriculture, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources and how their related industries can be changed, improved, and matured. We bring the backbone of American innovation and business strategy to the table to chase the exciting possibilities of the world’s autonomous future.

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