Guinn Covert


Guinn Covert Ventures manages investments in leading-edge drone, robotics, sensor, and infrastructure technologies that pave the way for the connected, autonomous future of global commerce.
We believe in the expansive power of hardware and software working together to facilitate global efficiencies in infrastructure, from tech impacting inspection in remote and underwater areas to agriculture on the world’s plains to the future generations of smart cities that form our urban centers.   We manage investments that form an ecosystem for breakthrough change that will lead to a new future of infrastructure.

The Future

Is Global

For the drone, robotic, and autonomous ecosystems to succeed, companies need to think, operate and collaborate globally.  We encourage our entrepreneurs to think globally as they staff, sell, and develop.

We firmly believe that startups are becoming increasingly cross-national, and that will lead to an unparalleled era for technological innovation.

Our Homebase

Austin, TX

We’re rooted in Austin, TX by more than just location.  We’re building our firm and strategy from a base of successful entrepreneurs, family-offices, and companies in the heart of the American South, who understand agriculture, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources and how their related industries can be changed, improved, and matured.  We bring the backbone of American innovation and business strategy to the table to chase the exciting possibilities of the world’s autonomous future.

We're Placing a Bet

Drones, Robotics and Automation

We’re not a wide-reaching group with our hands across deals of all kinds. We specialize in an industry we believe we know more about than anything – drones, robotics, and autonomy.  This means that we look at opportunities others might overlook, and see possibilties in the pieces of the ecosystem both small and large. We look at opportunities not just from the company succeeding by itself, but its facilitation for digitization and autonomy as a whole.  The entrepeneurs we engage with aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, and neither are we.

What's Next

We’re investing in the people behind the infrastructure for smart, autonomous global commerce

Guinn Covert Ventures invests in technology companies that are ushering in a spectacular future faster than anyone expects to be possible.

We partner with engineering-focused tech innovators who build what others have yet to even believe in, and help these entrepreneurs  to put their ideas into context within the world of applied commercial robotics globally.

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